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Mercari’s employee Buddy System: making sure international members kick off to a good start! #MercariDays

Bringing teams together to reach essential business goals: Meet Engineering Manager Snehal #WeMakeMercari

Using Yasashii (Easy & Kind) Tips to Communicate Better while Working From Home

Mercari Hack Week: the time to focus on making new things! #MercariHackWeek #MercariDays

“I see people communicating because they have me!” A chat with a Mercari interpreter! #57

The Language Exchange Program: helping to find a partner to improve Japanese and English conversation skills. #MercariDays

“Don’t be afraid to be a leader!” A chat with Mercari’s Manager of Brand Management! #54

“Mercari’s D&I Team is Like a Lab”: Our Three D&I Communities, One Year Later

It’s almost time for Mercari’s technology hackathon, Mercari Hack Week—this time, from home! #MercariHackWeek #MercariDays

Taking bold steps at work and outside the office: Mercari’s skydiving club #MercariDays

Mercari’s unique language support: Creating inclusive communication where Japanese speakers and English speakers can meet halfway

The good, the bad and the challenges of working from home. #MercariDays

Winter break in Japan: How did Mercari members spend their time off? #MercariDays

From San Francisco to Japan! A chat with Mercari’s New Biz Engineering Manager! #49

Juggling career and parenthood: Mercari parents share their experiences. #Mercaridays

What does the new shape of family and future of workplace look like? Mercari’s LGBT+ workshop #MercariDays

Bridging the gap one step at a time: Mercari’s Backend Engineering Team #TowardAGlobalMercari

Mercari’s shared mug cups, an effort to make sustainability a cool new habit! #MercariDays

Leveraging new technologies to create new solutions. Meet Mercari Hack Week winner @ allan.conda #WeMakeMercari

Breaking News!! Mercari Wins Google Play Best of 2019 Grand Prize!!!! #MercariDays #BestOf2019 #GooglePlay

Discussing future societal issues with Singularity Society #Mercaridays

Celebrating New Years in French Style with La Galette des Rois: The Three Kings’ Cake #Mercaridays

Communicating Across Language Barriers: Mercari’s Intercultural Team-Building workshop

Building Things That Didn’t Exist Before: Mercari’s Corporate Engineering Solutions Team Takes on Key Company Issues

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