The good, the bad and the challenges of working from home. #MercariDays

Starting this month, a lot of employees in Tokyo have started working from home and Mercari is no exception. Mercari employees have been working from home these past two weeks, communicating mainly via Slack and holding internal meetings online. While working remotely was already allowed in special cases before, it is the first time that more than a thousand Members have packed their stuff, left their desks and settled a temporary office in their houses.

Working from home can bring positive benefits such as a sense of safety, enjoying the comfort of a custom working environment, and the chance to share a moment with family or pets, which results in more motivation and energy during the day!

Good Morning to all coffee & cat lovers <@sam (Risk Investigator, US@Tokyo)>
Working with my dog <@mai (Legal Manager)>

On the other hand, as the days pass and the working from home period gets longer, it starts to feel a bit lonely, missing the daily interactions with other people around the office, team lunches, study sessions, and club activities. For this reason, some Mercari members have proposed new ways to stay socially connected interacting with each other while learning something using technology tools!

Afternoon tea and learning videos with Darren! <@darren, Data Platform Team>
Working from home is an excellent opportunity to take a break and practice a language. Need a lunch partner? Why not a language exchange partner? <@David (Language Education Team, English Coach)>

Finding the right place to work comfortably at home every day can be a challenge. But Mercari members have used their creativity to transform their place into a temporary office having amazing results.

Tried to improve my remote setup quality a little. <@david (Engineering Manager, Merpay)>

Sometimes it requires a bit more imagination improvising available stuff around the house for a more comfortable and cozy working environment.

Working from kotatsu (a wooden table with a heater incorporated). It’s basically a black hole, impossible to escape once you’re in, lol. <@alex (Global Operations Team, translator and interpreter)>

The piano standing desk has been one of the most popular ideas to keep a good posture while working.

We can find something as a standing desk. Bad posture would be harmful for a long work life even 2 weeks. <@masudak (Program Manager, Mercari JP)>
If my legs start to hurt or I just want to sit upright, I put my PC on the piano. <@alex (Global Operations Team, translator and interpreter)>

Putting aside the working environment, some Mercari members are also facing other challenges, juggling work, and home responsibilities. While working from home has its pros and cons we hope the situation improves in the following days so we are able to go back to the office and retake our normal routine.

Please stay tuned and see you in the next #MercariDays!

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