“We’re not just doing a lot of things in June” – The importance of Pride activities with Juan from Pride@Mercari. mercan.fm #80

Hi! I’m Riley Masunaga from the Language Education Team (LET).

Our guest on mercan.fm this time is Juan, from Mercari’s Global Operations Team! He works as a translator and interpreter, and is also the Community Lead for Pride@Mercari.

Pride@Mercari is a D&I community (an employee resource group) supporting LGBT+ employees. For the past year, they have been organizing internal workshops and initiatives to give Mercari members the opportunity to learn more about LGBT+ issues and how we can keep creating a more inclusive workplace for all. We had a casual talk about his thoughts on Pride@Mercari, past difficulties being himself at work and why he feels Pride is important!


・ What is the Pride@Mercari Community?
・ How does an inclusive environment affect employees?
・ Why are Pride activities important, and what is the importance of raising awareness internally?

Guest: Juan (Mercari Global Operations Team)
MC: Riley Masunaga (Mercari LET Trainer)

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