Who's Behind Mercan?

The Mercan team is made up of members from all different teams and departments. Many members contribute to the #MercariDays (#メルカリな日々) series, which is updated daily. Each team has their own unique style.

  • Talent Acquisitionakhr_matsuo
    I spent my weekdays at Mercari and my weekends dreaming at horse races.
  • Global Operations TeamEmma
    I like translating, writing, and theater! Working to bring you the latest Mercari news in English!
  • Merpay Talent&Culturehana
    We are building a seamless society!#merpay#merpaynow
  • R4Diga
    I’ll write article about R4D and the future!
  • Corporate PRioko
    I want everyone to be able to feel Mercari’s culture through#MercariDays(#メルカリな日々)!
  • Engineering Gatewaykayoreena
    Bringing you the latest updates on what Mercari engineers are up to! Check out#MercariDays!
  • Public Policymacchan
    Spreading the charms and appeals of Mercari members throughout the country by conducting 1 on 1 meeting with them!
  • People BrandingMadoka
    Putting the spotlight on the diverse talents at Mercari!
  • Culture&Communicationsmattilda
    My favorite tag isCulture & Communications!
  • Corporate PRmayumine
    I hope to bring everyone info about the tech side of Mercari!
  • People BrandingnatsukiFM
    My job is to capture the people and atmosphere of Mercari!
  • People Brandingsaimaru
    I post both the ups and downs of life at Mercari. I’m good at snapping.
  • Merpay PRsayo
    I want to show everyone the culture at both Mercari and Merpay~
  • Corporate PRsuzumari
    Stay tuned for global information and laid-back posts 💛
  • Culture&Communicationsrachel
    Bringing you the everydays of Mercari!
  • Corporate PRriccha
    Check out the podcasts, too! “Mercan~ ♪”#mercanfm
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