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Establishing a Career as a Specialist: Breaking Down the New Principal System for Engineers and Product Managers

Build@Mercari 2024: Held Offline for the First Time Since the Pandemic! A Look at Mercari’s Software Engineering Training Program for Minorities in the Tech Industry

Creating a New Era for Security and Enterprise IT—The Future Our New CIO and Current CISO Envision

Women Who Code x Mercari: In-Office Lightning Talks

15 New Feature Releases in Half a Year—A Record of the Web Growth Team’s Efforts

Building an Engineering Organization That Promotes Global Expansion—Meet Mercari’s Leaders: Shunya Kimura (CTO)

Mercari Participates in SECCON 2023

A Better CS Experience Means a More Valuable User Experience: How to Collaborate Safely and Speedily for Feature Development and Improvement

How TPMs’ Involvement in Building a Roadmap Empowered Our Engineers: The Ideal Face of Collaboration From the Perspective of RFS

A Deep Dive Into Mercari’s Frontend Teams: Their Unique Challenges and Overall Hiring Process

What is Mercari’s Go Study Group “mercari.go”? An Introduction to Initiatives and Enthusiasm for Future Activities

Encountering Diverse Values Leads to Creating New Value #LeadersVoices Vol. 7: CaDs

The IDP Team’s Ideal Vision: Building Consistent Authentication Solutions Across Mercari Group in the Face of Three Major Issues

“I Believe in Your Ability”—A Phrase That Yields Huge Change for Organizations #LeadersVoices Vol. 1: Snehal

Eight Keywords for Delving Into Mercari: Our First 10 Years and the Potential and Future We Seek to Unleash / The Third Keyword: “Technology Engineering”

Can You Fake Agreement with a Company’s Mission and Values? A Mercari Recruiter Shares Insider Perspective Behind Recruiting Engineers, Seeing the Essence of Job Seekers

Their Mission Is to Deliver Tech Value to CS Faster—Two Teams Taking on Feature Development for CS Tool!

Breaking the Black Box with the Contents Intact: Refactoring the Transaction Domain

Robust Foundation for Speed: Reflecting on a year of strengthening Mercari’s technological foundation and more!

What Did Our Interns Gain During Their Two Months at Mercari? A Recap of Mercari Group’s Internship Presentations!

“Just Wait Till You See What’s Next for Mercari Engineering”: The iOS & Android Tech Leads Recap the “GroundUp App” Project

Mercari Appoints Naohisa Ichihara as New CISO: Making a Mark in History with the Goal of Establishing the World’s Most Secure Marketplace

Mercari is establishing a new Center of Excellence in Bengaluru, India this summer! #Mercariindia #MercariDays

[Merpay] Emphasizing System Creation That Can Be Scaled Over the Medium-to-Long Term: Merpay’s IDP Team Supporting Product Development for the Entire Group

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