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Mercari CEO Yamada, CTO Namura, and Merpay CTO Sogawa envision a future of challenges [Part 2] #BoldChallenge

Mercari CEO Yamada, CTO Namura, and Merpay CTO Sogawa look back at past decisions and their background [Part 1] #BoldChallenge

Mercari’s organization is chaotic and well-established at the same time—our engineers look back on the past 3 years #BoldChallenge

Mercari’s future as envisioned by CTO Namura: An organic and leadership-based organization

Mercari’s First Engineering Training for New Graduate PMs

Spreading Go Through Education: Two Merpay Engineers Talk About Programming Languages

Wanting to help someone in need: Note-taking project for hearing-impaired members

Engineering at Mercari is evolving, and so is our product: Meet our backend engineering managers #WeMakeMercari

Migrating a live system to a microservice architecture: Meet backend tech lead Vijayender #WeMakeMercari

The Mercari Events Code of Conduct has been published! #MercariDays

Creating a prototype of the Mercari app in English: Meet Daniel from our Mobile Team #WeMakeMercari

Mercari members joined AngelHack Tokyo 2019 #MercariDays

Helping Mercari’s globalization as an engineering manager: Meet Matthew from the Mobile Team #WeMakeMercari

Taking proper action: An iOS engineer promoting diversity

Don’t hold back, and say it out loud: Things an EM realized while parenting

Mercari members at Worldwide Developers Conference 2019 ! #MercariDays

From New Graduate to Tech Lead in One Year: Changes of an Engineer at Mercari

“Youth is a tool.” A Mercari new grad talks about the strengths that paved his career

From where Mercari is completely unknown, to Japan: What do global new graduates aim for?

New environments spark new ideas! A look into Merpay’s developers camp #MercariDays

A world words can’t describe: Taking my daughter to WWCode Connect 2019

Looking for something but don’t know what it’s called? Mercari’s image search feature is here to help

“Merpay Development Was Full of Firsts” – Engineering Managers Talk Behind-the-Scenes

Chats with Engineers, vol. 18 (2018 New Grad Edition): @makazutaka, @codehex, do you have a minute?

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