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Merpay CEO Naoki Aoyagi looks back on the seven months since Merpay’s launch #MPC2019SEP

Dreams, successes and failures: Reporting WWCode & Slush Tokyo Entrepreneur Night #MercariDays

Our latest event: Bringing members together with games! #MercariDays

Mercari’s future as envisioned by CTO Namura: An organic and leadership-based organization

Mercari members joined AngelHack Tokyo 2019 #MercariDays

Mercari members at Worldwide Developers Conference 2019 ! #MercariDays

Towards a Sustainable Society! The Mercari Eco Pack and the Go Green Office Movement #MercariDays

A world words can’t describe: Taking my daughter to WWCode Connect 2019

Seeing the World with New Eyes: Introducing Ramadan and Iftar Dinner #MercariDays

The story behind the Ally sticker: Mercari’s member-led D&I initiative #メルカリな日々 #SpecialEdition

Reporting live from Austin, Texas! Mercari members are back at SXSW #メルカリな日々

There’s No Reason Not to Use Merpay: Masato Yamamoto’s Sales Strategy

Empowering Individuals and Businesses: The Future Shintaro Yamada Envisions for Merpay

A night of Bollywood dancing, Indian food, and fun! Reporting on our 2nd Culture Night #メルカリな日々

The Ship for World Youth Leaders at Mercari: What does it mean to be a “global citizen”? #メルカリな日々

Global Engineer Meetup: How does scalable development work at Mercari? #MercariDays

Creating a comfortable environment for all: A look into our LGBT+ seminar! #メルカリな日々

Eating healthy and saving the earth!? We learned about “Meat Free Monday” during lunchtime #メルカリな日々

Simple ideas make communication easier~Activities from the Language Education Team~ #メルカリな日々

THE BUSINESS DAY 02 Report: Kazuyuki Okudaira from the Nikkei interviews Mercari’s Fumiaki Koizumi about the Ups and Downs of Mercari’s First Five Years

Mercari Tech Conf 2018 Report: Changes and Challenges as an Engineering Organization—Mercari’s Ambition to Become a Tech Company

Mercari Tech Conf 2018 Report: Mercari US CTO Explains How to Optimize the Exchange of Value by Combining Data with Machine Learning

Mercari Tech Conf 2018 Report: Trust, Value Exchange, and Mercari X

A Mercari member gave a talk at the Indian Embassy for “Japan India Dialogue”! #メルカリな日々

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