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The Push to Promote FIDO Online Authentication as a Replacement for Passwords—Contributing to the Marketplace Industry by Leading the Way

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Going Beyond Diverse to Become Borderless: The Culture of Mercari’s Security & Privacy Team

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Mercari’s Privacy Office: adapting to amended laws and spreading awareness in the organization

Making Mercari’s Business and Ecosystem Sustainable: Our Journey to Creating GroundUp App, a Project More Colossal Than Anything We Have Done Before

The Product Security Team: Supporting All Phases of Mercari’s Product Lifecycle

Mercari’s Threat Detection Engineering Team: Continuously improving to provide autonomous cyber threat detection and response at scale

Mercari’s Security Engineering Team: Taking on New Challenges and Supporting a Broad Scope of Functions Across a Flat Team Structure

Mercari Appoints Naohisa Ichihara as New CISO: Making a Mark in History with the Goal of Establishing the World’s Most Secure Marketplace

Mercari Security & Privacy Meetup (Sep. 14)

Mercari Receives the Excellence Award at the MyNavi TECH+ 7th Information Security Incident Response Awards! #MercariDays

[Merpay] Emphasizing System Creation That Can Be Scaled Over the Medium-to-Long Term: Merpay’s IDP Team Supporting Product Development for the Entire Group

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Protecting Mercari from Cyberattacks! The Security Team Discusses Who Makes A Good Candidate for the New CSIRT/SOC #WorkWithMercari

Mercari’s Security Champion Program: Gamifying Security Education for a Safe and Secure Service