Finding your own role model: first Career Workshop complete!


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Hi! This is Kayoreena from Engineering Gateway 2. As a team what we usually do is support new grad global engineers, as well as the endeavors to globalize the engineering team.

Recently we held a Career Workshop aimed at the new grad global engineers who entered the company in October last year. Now let me tell you about what sort of event it was.

Firstly, here are the three goals of the workshop.

1. Create an opportunity for new grad members to think about their careers
2. Sharing stories about coming from another country and working in Japan or any foreign country
3. Allow the participants to network with each other

For this workshop, we asked six Mercari engineers who joined the company mid-career to talk about how they built their careers up to this point.

Jonathan Trevor Bot(Mobile team iOS Engineer)

Currently at Mercari we have global engineers from various professional backgrounds, who each have their own motivations and studying methods for becoming engineers, varying experiences of being employed in their countries, and of course different reasons for coming to Japan.

They all kindly shared their valuable life experiences and career goals, as well as their expectations for working in Japan, which are not things that are easily heard during work hours.

Participating members, listening intently

Here are some reactions from two members who participated.

Lawrie:It was a really fun event, I appreciated the casual tone of the presentations and the friendliness. It was nice just to hear people's stories about how their career developed and very inspiring too.

Vishal:I think everyone had varied and amazing carrier experiences and advices to share with. Mustafa-san's (Mobile Team) startup venture, Tutti's (Engineering Gateway 2) proactivity notion and Jon's (Mobile Team) advice on dealing with failures were quite riveting.


By incorporating foresights of the future into our actions, I think we may discover new things about the daily work we do and also deepen interest in new fields, eventually achieving new skills.

It has only been four months since the October new grad recruits joined the company, but I believe by coming together with older members they’ve gained new insight that will help them think about their short, medium, and long-term career goals.

As Engineering Gateway 2, we plan to have more Career Workshop events in the future.

We will keep looking for ways to create opportunities for members of various teams to come together and share valuable information and experiences with each other to help everyone create a clearer image of their careers to come.