Enhancing communication through a cup of tea! A new part of Mercari’s office culture, Tea Breaks #メルカリな日々

Hi, I’m Madoka from the Onboarding Team! Every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, Mercari members take a short rest from work and gather together for a tea break.
This new office tradition started when our 50 new graduates who joined us from all over the world this October finished their training sessions. After they split up to join different teams, there were fewer opportunities to spend time together as a group.


In order to keep the communication between members strong, Kayo from ETT (Engineering Training Team) started hosting tea breaks three times per week. The aim of these tea breaks is to enhance communication and build a strong relationship between members through light conversation, while also serving as a platform for casual check-ins. While it originated with the new graduates, everyone at Mercari is welcome to join!

The idea itself comes from Indian workspace culture, where in the evening employees generally take a break and have casual conversation over tea or coffee.


Anukul, a regular at tea break, said, “One can discuss any non-work related issues and get suggestion and help from other people. It is a time to just take a short break from your busy schedule and enjoy the conversion with others.”
We hope that this office event will expand more within Mercari, not just new graduates, and provide an opportunity for even more open communication!

See you again for more #MercariDays (#メルカリな日々)!

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