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Developing Design Systems for Future Business Growth by Focusing on the Goal and “Being the Worst”—Why I Work Here (Toru Kobayashi)

Achieving the Further Growth of Mercari’s Businesses Through the Power of Sales and Marketing—Meet Mercari’s Leaders Vol. 8: Tsugumasa Egawa (VP of Mercari Business Solutions)

From Project to Product—The Corporate Products & IT Platform Team Creates the Best Employee Experience Through Dialogue

Starting This Summer, Mercari Bold Program for Women: US Edition, a Dispatch Program for the Next Generation of Female Leaders!

The Digital Center of Excellence Team Adopts a Total Optimization Mindset to Upgrade Systems and Maximize Employee Experience

I Believe Mercari Has the Power to Change the World—Meet Mercari’s Leaders, Vol. 7: Takaaki Shinohara (Chief Product Officer)

Where You Stand, There Dig Deep; Below You Lies the Well—Why I Work Here (Hitomi Okada)

Establishing a Career as a Specialist: Breaking Down the New Principal System for Engineers and Product Managers

Build@Mercari 2024: Held Offline for the First Time Since the Pandemic! A Look at Mercari’s Software Engineering Training Program for Minorities in the Tech Industry

Looking Back at Mercari’s 11th Anniversary Event: Returning to Our Roots With a Classic Flea Market

Creating a New Era for Security and Enterprise IT—The Future Our New CIO and Current CISO Envision

Looking to Initiate a Game Change and Drive a Global Launch Unlike Anything Seen In the Past 10 Years—Meet Mercari’s Leaders, Vol. 6: Shunsuke Sako (Vice President of Cross Border)

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