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Promoting Social Good and Building a Donation Culture in Japan—The Story Behind Mercari’s New Easy Donation Setting

Making Mercari a Global Marketplace Where Anyone in the World Can Buy and Sell—Why I Work Here (Skyler Yu)

A Career Focused on Technology and the Global Stage—Meet Mercari’s Leaders, Vol. 5: Takeshi Nagasawa (Vice President, Chief Growth Officer / Chief Executive Officer (Fintech) / Representative Director, Chief Executive Officer of Merpay, Inc.)

Building an Engineering Organization That Promotes Global Expansion—Meet Mercari’s Leaders, Vol. 4: Shunya Kimura (CTO)

The Path to Making Secondary Distribution a Standard Part of the World—Meet Mercari’s Leaders, Vol. 3: Miho Maekawa (CXO Marketplace)

MerCafé Vol. 3—What’s It Like Working as an Engineer at Mercari?

Building the Infrastructure That Powers Mercari’s Product and Business—Meet Mercari’s Leaders Vol.2: Mike Koenig (VP of Platform Product)

A Strong Legal Team Is a Must For Tech Companies to Grow Exponentially—Why I Work Here (Go Fujii)

Mercari Relocation Stories: @Muktti from India

Changing the Meaning of “Work” to Build Mercari’s Third Pillar of Business—Meet Mercari’s Leaders, Vol. 1: Asami Ota (CEO of Work)

Mercari Participates in SECCON 2023

Filling in the Unexplained Pay Gap to Build a Better Society—How Mercari Is Tackling the Gender Pay Gap

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