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Take your first step into a new career with Mercari. Introducing the Mercari Restart Program: our support program for restarting careers!

Balancing Work with Parenting: How One Engineer’s Working Style Changed After Childbirth and Childcare Leave

“Let’s Be More Aggressive”—Behind the Scenes of the Sustainability Report

Personalize to globalize:How Mercari is reshaping their app, their company, and the world

Everything You Wanted to Know About “DevDojo,” Mercari’s Two-Month Skills Improvement Tech Training for New Graduate Engineers

Things Seemed on the Verge of Splintering Apart—Compiling the Identity of the Mercari UI/UX in Our Design System

Shintaro Yamada’s Secret Superpower: “Behavioral Design”

Embodying Mercari’s Culture: Behind the Scenes of “Your Choice,” Mercari’s New Work Style Policy

The story of how a Mercari New grad built strong professional connections through hiking #MercariDays

The Approach to Quality for Frontend Teams at Merpay and Mercoin #WorkWithMerpay

Taking a virtual tour inside Mercari’s Tokyo Office! Presented by: Mercari’s Onboarding Team! #Mercari Days

“I Just Want to See Us Make It in the US”—Catching Up with a QA Engineer Who Crossed Over to Mercari US

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