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Unleashing the Potential in Diverse Talent Worldwide—Mercari’s Unchanging Investment in People in a Constantly Changing Company

No Words of Wisdom, but Lots of Love to Give: Surviving Job Changes to Find My Life’s Work—Why I Work Here (Kaori Yamagishi)

Mercari Relocation Stories: @Asya from Russia

Mercari Relocation Stories: @cowana from Kazakhstan

From a VP, Back to a Specialist: Why I Work in Mercari’s Corporate Planning Team. (Mizuki Inoue)

New Graduate Interview Series Compilation: My First Career (Part 2)

New Graduate Interview Series Compilation: My First Career (Part 1)

What is “Yasashii Nihongo Training,” And Why Does It Help English Learning? Let’s Take a Deep Dive into the Course Material!

Shintaro Yamada and Makiko Shinoda Discuss How Mercari Aims to Build a Sustainable Organization that Unleashes the Diverse Potential in All People

Clubs at Mercari, Vol. 3: How #z-nihongo (Japanese Language Club) Supports Its Members to Grow

MerCafé vol.2─Merpay’s CPO Talks Shop with New Grads

How TPMs’ Involvement in Building a Roadmap Empowered Our Engineers: The Ideal Face of Collaboration From the Perspective of RFS

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