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Towards a Global Mercari: Global People Operations’ first work offsite! #MercariDays

Everything is to achieve our mission. Our hope embedded in Mercari’s D&I statement

Treat everything neutrally: What D&I means to Mercari’s CLO

Taking proper action: An iOS engineer promoting diversity

Translating language and culture: one member’s efforts to spread diversity at Mercari

Don’t hold back, and say it out loud: Things an EM realized while parenting

First runner up in the Simultaneous Interpreting Grand Prix! Meet Gabe from GOT #MercariDays

A world words can’t describe: Taking my daughter to WWCode Connect 2019

We will fully support your final job interview at the Tokyo office! #MercariDays

Seeing the World with New Eyes: Introducing Ramadan and Iftar Dinner #MercariDays

The story behind the Ally sticker: Mercari’s member-led D&I initiative #メルカリな日々 #SpecialEdition

What is the D&I Team’s Unconscious Bias Training? #メルカリな日々

Merpay’s Very Own GOT – Designing the culture of the organization by eliminating cultural and language barriers #MerpayNow vol.27

Mercari Hosts the MIRAI Program, Welcoming 40 Students from 27 European Countries! #メルカリな日々

Omiyage (souvenirs) from all over the world! Introducing some of our office favorites #メルカリな日々

Welcome to Japan! The Mercari Euro Hack 2018 winners’ trip to Tokyo #メルカリな日々

The Ship for World Youth Leaders at Mercari: What does it mean to be a “global citizen”? #メルカリな日々

Global Engineer Meetup: How does scalable development work at Mercari? #MercariDays

Mercari’s Ongoing Global Hiring Project – We’re in Hong Kong! #メルカリな日々

New to life in Japan? We’ve got you covered with Mercari’s global onboarding package #メルカリな日々

Creating a comfortable environment for all: A look into our LGBT+ seminar! #メルカリな日々

Eating healthy and saving the earth!? We learned about “Meat Free Monday” during lunchtime #メルカリな日々

Merpay has started ! We compared FinTech in Japan with other countries #メルカリな日々

Simple ideas make communication easier~Activities from the Language Education Team~ #メルカリな日々

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