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Filling in the Unexplained Pay Gap to Build a Better Society—How Mercari Is Tackling the Gender Pay Gap

Back for a Fifth Year! The Software Engineer Training & Internship Program Build@Mercari 2024 #BuildAtMercari

Unleashing the Potential in Diverse Talent Worldwide—Mercari’s Unchanging Investment in People in a Constantly Changing Company

What is “Yasashii Nihongo Training,” And Why Does It Help English Learning? Let’s Take a Deep Dive into the Course Material!

Encountering Diverse Values Leads to Creating New Value #LeadersVoices Vol. 7: CaDs

“I was afraid of becoming a manager.” Finding Strength By Being Honest With Yourself #LeadersVoices Vol. 6: Anastasiia

Dedicate Your Life to Believing in Yourself Without Being Constrained by What is “Normal” #LeadersVoices Vol. 5: Maiko (@michael)

Leveraging My Experiences in Both the Majority and Minority to Achieve the “I” in D&I #LeadersVoices Vol. 4: Mark

How a “Nobody” Like Me Can Continue to Take On New Challenges #LeadersVoices Vol. 3: Yoko

Going Outside Your Domain and Enjoying Traveling Without a Goal #LeadersVoices Vol. 2: Ichihara

Celebrating International Women’s Day: Messages From Five Mercari Members to Women Everywhere

“I Believe in Your Ability”—A Phrase That Yields Huge Change for Organizations #LeadersVoices Vol. 1: Snehal

The Power to Seize and Enjoy the Opportunities in Front of You: Two Mercari Leaders on Their Mindset and Actions for Personal Empowerment

Holding Mercari’s D&I Training for Management at Tokushima City Hall: A Discussion with the Mayor #MercariDays

Going Beyond Diverse to Become Borderless: The Culture of Mercari’s Security & Privacy Team

Getting Rid of Assumptions Through Communication: Designing the Workstyle Sync to Bring Out the Best in Everyone

Mercari Women in Tech Vol. 7 “Life Stages & Workstyles” #MercariDays

Mercari is establishing a new Center of Excellence in Bengaluru, India this summer! #Mercariindia #MercariDays

“It doesn’t exist, so let’s make it!” Why Mercari developed its Go Bold English & Japanese speaking tests

Take your first step into a new career with Mercari. Introducing the Mercari Restart Program: our support program for restarting careers!

Women at Mercari Discuss Time Management Techniques, Role Models, and More in Panel Discussion #MercariDays

How Yasashii is Mercari’s “Yasashii Communication Training”?

[New CFO x Full-time Corporate Auditor]How Mercari is taking a developing organization to the next level

Mercari’s Shintaro Yamada discusses what makes a truly strong organization and person

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