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Our latest event: Bringing members together with games! #MercariDays

Looking for new adventures in Tokyo? We’re Hiring! Check out our open positions #MercariDays

One of the 15 coolest offices in America! How we incorporate our values in our Palo Alto office design #MercariDays

The Mercari Events Code of Conduct has been published! #MercariDays

Towards a Global Mercari: Global People Operations’ first work offsite! #MercariDays

Mercari members joined AngelHack Tokyo 2019 #MercariDays

First runner up in the Simultaneous Interpreting Grand Prix! Meet Gabe from GOT #MercariDays

Mercari members at Worldwide Developers Conference 2019 ! #MercariDays

Towards a Sustainable Society! The Mercari Eco Pack and the Go Green Office Movement #MercariDays

We will fully support your final job interview at the Tokyo office! #MercariDays

Seeing the World with New Eyes: Introducing Ramadan and Iftar Dinner #MercariDays

We joined Google Cloud NEXT ’19 in San Francisco #メルカリな日々

The story behind the Ally sticker: Mercari’s member-led D&I initiative #メルカリな日々 #SpecialEdition

Event report: Mercari’s sponsorship for WWCode CONNECT SF 2019 #メルカリな日々

Reporting live from Austin, Texas! Mercari members are back at SXSW #メルカリな日々

Global Engineers Meetup : Can AI engineers analyze emotions ? #メルカリな日々

Working on a large-scale translation project: GOT went on their first ever offsite! #メルカリな日々

Mercari.go #7: We had an event using both English and Japanese #メルカリな日々

For anyone new to Japan: Here are some things I wish I knew before moving to Tokyo! #メルカリな日々

z-sideproject will support your side project ! #メルカリな日々

What is the D&I Team’s Unconscious Bias Training? #メルカリな日々

Celebrating Diwali, the Indian Festival of Lights #メルカリな日々

A night of Bollywood dancing, Indian food, and fun! Reporting on our 2nd Culture Night #メルカリな日々

Learning a new language is learning a new culture! A look into Mercari’s Spanish Learning Lunch #メルカリな日々

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