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Mercari’s organization is chaotic and well-established at the same time—our engineers look back on the past 3 years #BoldChallenge

Looking back on Mercari UK: What the founding members are up to now #BoldChallenge

Responsibility and resolution: Things Mercari recruiters learned from students

Mercari is taking on ESG initiatives! We discuss the importance of communicating corporate value on a global scale

Wanting to help someone in need: Note-taking project for hearing-impaired members

Engineering at Mercari is evolving, and so is our product: Meet our backend engineering managers #WeMakeMercari

Migrating a live system to a microservice architecture: Meet backend tech lead Vijayender #WeMakeMercari

CEO Shintaro Yamada Tells of the Circular Economy Mercari Has Always Aimed to Achieve

Creating a prototype of the Mercari app in English: Meet Daniel from our Mobile Team #WeMakeMercari

Treat everything neutrally: What D&I means to Mercari’s CLO

Taking proper action: An iOS engineer promoting diversity

Translating language and culture: one member’s efforts to spread diversity at Mercari

Don’t hold back, and say it out loud: Things an EM realized while parenting

From New Graduate to Tech Lead in One Year: Changes of an Engineer at Mercari

“Youth is a tool.” A Mercari new grad talks about the strengths that paved his career

From where Mercari is completely unknown, to Japan: What do global new graduates aim for?

Looking for something but don’t know what it’s called? Mercari’s image search feature is here to help

Mercari Japan CEO Hirohisa Tamonoki: Bringing the best experience possible to both users and employees

“Merpay Development Was Full of Firsts” – Engineering Managers Talk Behind-the-Scenes

1.35 Million Stores Before Release: The Start of Merpay’s Sales Team

Chats with Engineers, vol. 18 (2018 New Grad Edition): @makazutaka, @codehex, do you have a minute?

Making the “Go Bold” choice—Why the creator of the No.1 app in Lebanon joined Mercari

Introducing GOT– the team building Mercari’s global network.

The Advantages of Understanding Both Japanese and Western Culture|Mercari US Team Members Talk About Their Experience Abroad

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