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Wanting to Support Business Growth with All for One Hiring: The Next Goal of the Mid-Career Hiring Team

The Global Operations Team: Using language to Support Mercari’s Business, D&I, and More! Promoting Better Accessibility Through Localization

Introducing Mercari’s New Sourcing Team!

The Mercari Way to Create a Continuous Learning Environment: the Role of the Learning and Development (L&D) Team

Mercari’s New Graduate Hiring Today: Are we still looking for top talent that can “hit the ground running”?

Shintaro Yamada’s Secret Superpower: “Behavioral Design”

Embodying Mercari’s Culture: Behind the Scenes of “Your Choice,” Mercari’s New Work Style Policy

New Hiring Event Fills Us In: What Is the Mercari Talent Acquisition Team Up To? #MercariDays

[New CFO x Full-time Corporate Auditor]How Mercari is taking a developing organization to the next level

We Wanted More than a “Policy that Supports Only Women”—The Road Leading to Mercari Implementing Egg Freezing to our Employee Benefits

# pj-welcome: How Mercari Builds a Virtual Experience that New Hires Want to Engage with #Mercaridays

“Go Bold” to Reward Members’ Performance: Mercari’s Revamped Performance Evaluation System

Hiring Stories from Mercari’s Talent Acquisition Team #WorkWithMercari

Helping Mercari Become a Development-Oriented Organization: The Background and Successes of Two Taskforces

Taking bold steps at work and outside the office: Mercari’s skydiving club #MercariDays

Responsibility and resolution: Things Mercari recruiters learned from students

Mercari CEO Office: 1 Year of Reforming Business

One of the 15 coolest offices in America! How we incorporate our values in our Palo Alto office design #MercariDays

CEO Shintaro Yamada Tells of the Circular Economy Mercari Has Always Aimed to Achieve

Treat everything neutrally: What D&I means to Mercari’s CLO

Translating language and culture: one member’s efforts to spread diversity at Mercari

Our group career site “Mercari Careers” is fully relaunched with a fresh new look! #MercariDays

Mercari Japan CEO Hirohisa Tamonoki: Bringing the best experience possible to both users and employees

A New Organization to Help Mercari Grow While Maintaining Its Culture: Interview with Shunsuke Karasawa, VP of People & Culture

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