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Mercari’s Women in Tech vol. 4: “Be the change you want to see in the world” #MercariDays

Why Was Mercari CS Turned Into Autonomous Divisions, and What Does This Mean in Concrete Terms? We Asked the Leaders of the Organization

Mercari’s Unwavering Passion for Customer Support: The Tokyo, Sendai, and Fukuoka CS Teams Discuss Their Roles

Now Accepting Applications for Mercari Summer Internship 2021! #MercariDays

[The Birth of Mercoin] Why is Merpay CEO Naoki Aoyagi So Fired Up? A #MercariDays Special Report!

Introducing the Manager Peer Learning Session, a Mercari-style program for managers

From Zero to One: The Story of a New-Grad Product Manager at Mercari

Mercari’s Women in Tech vol. 3: “Ten years from now, I hope the term ‘female engineer’ will have disappeared” #MercariDays

Back Again This Year! The Software Engineer Training & Internship Program Build@Mercari 2021 #BuildAtMercari

An Introduction to the Open Source Program Office, a Collaboration Between Engineers and Intellectual Property Team Members

Helping Mercari Become a Development-Oriented Organization: The Background and Successes of Two Taskforces

If at First You Don’t Succeed: The Development Team Behind the Redesigned Mercari Home Screen

Providing the best experience for all Engineers: What Kind of Team is the Engineering Office?#MercanRelay

Bringing teams together to reach essential business goals: Meet Engineering Manager Snehal #WeMakeMercari

Mercari Hack Week: the time to focus on making new things! #MercariHackWeek #MercariDays

“I see people communicating because they have me!” A chat with a Mercari interpreter! mercan.fm #57

“Don’t be afraid to be a leader!” A chat with Manager of Mercari’s Branding Team! mercan.fm #54

Taking bold steps at work and outside the office: Mercari’s skydiving club #MercariDays

From San Francisco to Japan! A chat with Mercari’s New Biz Engineering Manager! mercan.fm #49

Discussing future societal issues with Singularity Society #Mercaridays

Communicating Across Language Barriers: Mercari’s Intercultural Team-Building workshop

Building Things That Didn’t Exist Before: Mercari’s Corporate Engineering Solutions Team Takes on Key Company Issues

No more allowing money to keep people from achieving their dreams: Merpay’s new form of trust #MPC2019SEP

One AI Team member’s decision to change paths and work on the US app: Why? #BoldChallenge

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