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A Strong Legal Team Is a Must For Tech Companies to Grow Exponentially—Why I Work Here (Go Fujii)

Encouraging Sustainable Actions With Mercard: The Story Behind Mercari’s New Credit Card and the Experience It Brings to Users

Now Accepting Applications for Mercari Summer Internship 2022! #MercariDays

Interview with Backend Engineers from Mercari, Merpay, Mercoin, and Souzoh: “The Kind of Person that Fits Our Company!”

Employee-Designed Program Connects Mercari’s Members with Executive Mentors Outside Their Regular Reporting Lines

The Approach to Quality for Frontend Teams at Merpay and Mercoin #WorkWithMerpay

Speaking at a Hiring Event, Merpay Engineers Reveal What Drives Them to Work Hard

Answers to Common Questions from Engineers in Casual Interviews: Part Two

Answers to Common Questions from Engineers in Casual Interviews: Part One

Talk with Engineers. Vol.56 (Merpay EMs, @ robert, @ godriccao, @ tim) – Challenges and Career Growth for Non-Japanese Engineers at Merpay

[The Birth of Mercoin] Why is Merpay CEO Naoki Aoyagi So Fired Up? A #MercariDays Special Report!

Mercari’s Women in Tech vol. 2: “Your role model doesn’t have to be a woman” #MercariDays

When regular vocabulary books are not enough: Engineer Vocabulary List for Mercari & Merpay

How “Trust and Openness” reflects on engineering culture at Merpay: Meet iOS Engineer Celia #WeMakeMercari

Breaking News!! Mercari Wins Google Play Best of 2019 Grand Prize!!!! #MercariDays #BestOf2019 #GooglePlay

What’s it like to be part of a globalizing company? Merpay’s iOS engineers share their experiences #TowardAGlobalMercari

The important keywords for Merpay as we aim to become part of society’s infrastructure #MPC2019SEP

No more allowing money to keep people from achieving their dreams: Merpay’s new form of trust #MPC2019SEP

Merpay CEO Naoki Aoyagi looks back on the seven months since Merpay’s launch #MPC2019SEP

Mercari CEO Yamada, CTO Namura, and Merpay CTO Sogawa look back at past decisions and their background [Part 1] #BoldChallenge

Looking back on Mercari UK: What the founding members are up to now #BoldChallenge

Looking for new adventures in Tokyo? We’re Hiring! Check out our open positions #MercariDays

Spreading Go Through Education: Two Merpay Engineers Talk About Programming Languages

Translating language and culture: one member’s efforts to spread diversity at Mercari

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