Starting This Summer, Mercari Bold Program for Women: US Edition, a Dispatch Program for the Next Generation of Female Leaders!

Mercari will hold the Mercari Bold Program for Women: US Edition, a program for producing the next generation of young, female (*) global leaders.
* The word “female” here includes all people who identify as such.

In this program, we will hold an ideathon between August 22 and September 1, 2024, to generate ideas for Mercari US to succeed in the US market. For the second half of the program, participants will travel to Los Angeles, California to present their ideas to judges Shintaro Yamada, CEO of Mercari, Inc. (JP), and John Lagerling, CEO of Mercari, Inc. (US).

Mercari US
The US version of the Mercari online marketplace connects millions of users across the country as they declutter their homes, and allowing them to buy and sell almost anything. We started our business in the US in September 2014, and since then we have adapted our branding, improved our UI/UX, and created a delivery network to match local preferences and the characteristics of the US market. Succeeding in the US, with its enormous and diverse population, is an important milestone to achieve our mission.


Mercari requires diverse viewpoints and new ways of thinking in order to grow on a global scale and achieve the Group mission: “Circulate all forms of value to unleash the potential in all people.”

Since its establishment in 2013, Mercari has had the mission of “create value in a global marketplace where anyone can buy & sell.” To achieve that mission, the company established a US business as early as 2014. Mercari has aimed to create globally competitive teams that value individual diverse experiences and perspectives and has also promoted inclusion and diversity (I&D). In these ensuing years, Mercari has also run various programs to create a workplace where diverse talent can thrive. These include Build@Mercari, a software engineer training program held annually to support tech industry minorities such as women, the LGBT+ community, and self-identified members of other underrepresented groups. However, when it comes to promoting gender diversity, there is still work to do.

This program is one of our initiatives to promote gender diversity among young demographics and develop the next generation of women leaders.

Mercari Bold Program for Women: US Edition will be our first overseas program in seven years. We hope that it will follow the examples of its predecessors while also helping the next generation of women leaders to step onto the global stage, instead of staying confined to Japan.

Come join us in creating ideas that will change the lives of Mercari US users!

Program content

Ahead of the final presentation in the US, participants will come to Mercari’s offices in Japan for a period of four days to conduct research, such as online user interviews. Working in teams of four, they will create proposals for new features and/or initiatives (format not specified). Then, they will travel to Los Angeles for the final presentation in English.

There will be seven judges, listed below, selected from amongst the executives, including the CEOs of the US and Japan businesses. The winning team will receive the grand prize.

Shintaro Yamada: Director, Representative Executive Officer and CEO /John Lagerling: Executive Officer, Senior Vice President of Global Strategy / Chief Executive Officer of Mercari, Inc. (US)

Mayumi Narisawa: Vice President of Loyalty Program, Marketplace / Keita Nakamura: CPO of Japan Region, Representative Director and CEO of Mercoin, Inc.

How to apply

Use the form below to submit your application. The deadline for applications is June 14, 2024 (Fri), 11:59 PM. Following the document screening and interview processes, we will announce the names of the successful applicants in order of acceptance starting in mid-July.

The program schedule, from applications to the start of the program, is as follows:
1. Application deadline: June 14, 2024 (Fri)
2. Document screening
3. Online interviews (once per candidate)
4. Announcement of results: From mid-July, in order
5. Briefing: Planned for late July
6. Participation in Japan: August 22–27
7. Traveling to the US: August 28–September 1

We also intend to hold an online briefing session for applicants, so please join if you are interested!
※Online briefing session ended on May 27.

Mercari Bold Program for Women: US Edition is likely to be a great challenge for us.
We are looking forward to seeing your applications. Let’s create new value to change the world together!

Overview of the Mercari Bold Program for Women: US Edition

Program dates
– August 22 (Thu)–September 1, 2024 (Sun)

Expected schedule
(A more detailed schedule that includes the travel itinerary will be announced at the briefing)
– August 22 (Thu) – August 23 (Fri), August 26 (Mon) – August 27 (Tue): Program activities in Japan (Roppongi offices)
– August 28 (Wed): Traveling to the US
– August 28 (Wed) – August 31 (Sat) in Los Angeles time: Program activities in the US
– August 31 (Sat) – September 1 (Sun): Traveling to and arriving in Japan

Participant quota:
– Between 30 to 40 people in groups of four

– None (However, Mercari will cover the expenses of traveling to the US, such as transportation, lodging, food, etc.)
– The winning team will receive the grand prize.

Note: After the program ends, participants may be directly invited to join the long-term internship program as part of new graduate hiring.

Job types
– Software engineer, product manager, UI/UX designer, marketing, data analyst, finance

– Open to university students living in Japan (who identify as women)
 Note: Refers to people who will graduate from university or graduate school between March 2025 and March 2027.
 Note: Exchange students currently residing in Japan are also eligible,
   given that they are able to come to Mercari’s offices in Japan during the program.
– Shared belief in Mercari’s mission and values
– Experience using the Mercari app, either the Japan or the US version
– Ability to involve team members to produce results in circumstances where there are no right or wrong answers
– To check other conditions for each job type, refer to the application page.

– Japanese: Proficient (CEFR – C1) required
– English: Independent (CEFR – B2) preferred
– Applicants with business-level English are preferred as communication in the US will include delivering the final presentations in English. Participants with only a conversational level of English are also welcome, given that they have no qualms being in an English-speaking environment and are willing to grow their English skills.

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