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Now Accepting Applications for Mercari Summer Internship 2023! #MercariDays

Their Mission Is to Deliver Tech Value to CS Faster—Two Teams Taking on Feature Development for CS Tool!

Welcome to Japan!! Mercari India members’ first business trip to Tokyo #MercariDays

How Did the First India-Japan Office Collaboration Succeed? An Interview with the TnS Team

The Global Operations Team—creating value that goes above and beyond!

Holding Mercari’s D&I Training for Management at Tokushima City Hall: A Discussion with the Mayor #MercariDays

Encouraging Sustainable Actions With Mercard: The Story Behind Mercari’s New Credit Card and the Experience It Brings to Users

Back Again This Year! The Software Engineer Training & Internship Program Build@Mercari 2023 #BuildAtMercari

Breaking the Black Box with the Contents Intact: Refactoring the Transaction Domain

Eight Keywords for Delving Into Mercari: Our First 10 Years and the Potential and Future We Seek to Unleash / The Second Keyword: “Customer Experience”

Eight Keywords for Delving Into Mercari: Our First 10 Years and the Potential and Future We Seek to Unleash / The First Keyword: “Mission”

Robust Foundation for Speed: Reflecting on a year of strengthening Mercari’s technological foundation and more!

What Did Our Interns Gain During Their Two Months at Mercari? A Recap of Mercari Group’s Internship Presentations!

Mercari India Hiring Drive

Global Expansion: Taking the Circular Economy Worldwide Requires Incurable Curiosity

“Just Wait Till You See What’s Next for Mercari Engineering”: The iOS & Android Tech Leads Recap the “GroundUp App” Project

Going Beyond Diverse to Become Borderless: The Culture of Mercari’s Security & Privacy Team

The CISO Office: A Deep Dive into the Background, Mission, and More of the Virtual Team Supporting Mercari’s CISO. #MercariSecurityPrivacy

Building a Robust IT Environment to Grow the Business The Corporate IT Security Team supports the very foundations of Mercari #MercariSecurityPrivacy

Accurately Identifying Upcoming Risks: Why Mercari’s CSIRT Makes Sure to Conduct Its Own Threat Intelligence Research #MercariSecurityPrivacy

Mercari’s Privacy Office: adapting to amended laws and spreading awareness in the organization

Mercari India Just Had Its First Diwali Party #HappyDiwali2022

Making Mercari’s Business and Ecosystem Sustainable: Our Journey to Creating GroundUp App, a Project More Colossal Than Anything We Have Done Before

The Product Security Team: Supporting All Phases of Mercari’s Product Lifecycle

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