Introducing Mercari’s New Sourcing Team!

Introducing Mercari’s New Sourcing Team!

Hello! We’re Mercari’sSourcing Recruiting Team. We recently launched our team and are currently hiring more members to join us due to our fast expansion. Today, we would like to introduce our team in order to give you an image of what it’s like to work in Mercari’s Talent Acquisition Team and what makes our team stand out.

Our team supports all the hiring in Mercari, from back office roles and engineers to creatives and Product positions.

Our sourcing team is composed of four members (@Takahiro, @Tingyu, @Inaba, and @Vicky) who all come from different backgrounds.

Featured in this article

  • @Inaba

    @Inaba has worked in the recruitment industry as well as RPO (Outsourcing) for more than 15 years. She has been working at Mercari for almost three years and is currently covering PR, creative engineering, and some back office positions as a Sourcer Recruiter.

  • @Tingyu

    @Tingyu comes from China and has been living in Japan for seven years. She has been working at Mercari for almost four years and comes from our Payroll Team. She didn’t actually have any experience in recruitment before joining, but she wanted to take on a new challenge and decided to move to our team as a Sourcer Recruiter. Currently, she is covering security and engineering.

  • @Takahiro

    @Takahiro has worked in some of the best recruitment agencies in Japan for more than 10 years. He has very deep knowledge and experience in finance and corporate recruitment, as well as HR. He is currently taking on the role of Senior Talent Acquisition for our Corporate Division, in addition to his position as Sourcing Team Manager!

  • @Vicky

    @Vicky has about three years of experience in Japanese and foreign agency recruitment, where she was mostly covering SaaS, PaaS,and the security industry. She now covers corporate back office hiring as a Sourcer Recruiter.

How is the team culture?

Our team culture is very welcoming, and everyone is treated equally. Regardless of position in the team, everyone voices their own opinions and does not hesitate to raise their hands to point out where we are right or wrong or how we can improve on any subject. We are all on the same level and very team-oriented. Instead of personal KPIs, we have OKRs (objectives and key results), which are based on our company roadmap. Of course, each of us have our own OKRs, but we all work together as a team for the same goal: helping Mercari grow. Also, our Talent Acquisition Team is very diverse, with members from different backgrounds and countries (China, US, Indonesia, Japan, France, and more!), so once a week we all have an “online learning time” where each of us can share our recruitment knowledge, skills, and techniques, which is also a fundamental part of our team building.

What is the difference between Senior Talent Acquisition and Sourcing Recruiter?

Talent Acquisition has more responsibilities when it comes to managing placements and operations after the end of the recruitment process, as well as job postings and branding-related tasks. Sourcer Recruiters have more responsibility when it comes to the early stage of the recruitment process, and also play a big role when it comes to closing candidates. In short, the Talent Acquisition and Sourcer Recruiter roles are quite similar, but while both of these roles are involved in the same kinds of tasks, the ratio of sourcing/closing and operation of the tasks are different.

What is the Sourcer Recruiter role and how do we work with Senior Talent Acquisition?

Although a sourcer role is considered to be a “junior role” in some organizations, at Mercari it is quite different. Our role does of course include some sourcing tasks using a variety of tools and searching techniques, but it doesn’t end there.
We are also involved in management of stakeholders (hiring managers, Mercari executives, etc.), assisting Talent Acquisition in closing candidates, and preparing offer letters, as well as reference checks.
In other words, this role requires a high level of responsibility, as well as recruitment experience.
On top of that, many of us are involved in several projects such as recruitment branding, Diversity & Inclusion, and more!

An example of the breakdown of our weekly tasks (weekly task ratios vary depending on the quarter and our hiring needs):

@Inaba (Sourcer-Recruiter)
@Vicky (Sourcer-Recruiter)
@Tingyu (Sourcer-Recruiter)
@Takahiro (Senior Talent Acquisition and Manager of Sourcer Recruiter Team) (Not including managerial tasks)

What are some possible career paths in this team?

At Mercari, you are the one who is in charge of building your own career path. Since we have only been on the market for 10 years, we are still very new, so there are countless opportunities internally! For example, @/Tingyu joined Mercari as a relocation specialist, transferred to become a payroll specialist, then volunteered to move to our Talent Acquisition Team. Other members joined as recruiters and are currently taking on HRBP roles or team manager roles, like @/Takahiro, who is currently our Sourcing Team manager. Basically, Mercari is growing extremely fast, and so are our people. We are not limited to one title or task; we choose what we want to achieve, learn, and specialize.

In summary

While many companies depend on recruitment partners and outsourcing services, there are more and more internal sourcing needs, especially when it comes to rapidly growing companies such as Mercari who care a lot about their company branding.
The Sourcing Recruiter role is a position that requires expertise in the tech market, as well as very large responsibilities when it comes to handling and building relationships with our executives and hiring managers. Our team is constantly growing and offers countless possibilities for members to learn from each other, as well as career growth opportunities.

If you are an experienced talent acquisition specialist or recruiter, we would love to have a casual chat with you and tell you all about what it’s like to work at Mercari!

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