First runner up in the Simultaneous Interpreting Grand Prix! Meet Gabe from GOT #MercariDays

Hi, I’m Madoka from the People Branding Team!
At Mercari, we have members from around 40 countries in our Tokyo office. In this diverse environment, our GOT (Global Operations Team) provides translation as well as interpretation support for Mercari and Merpay members, and helps bridge communication between English speakers and Japanese speakers. At Mercari, we offer various forms of interpretation depending on the situation, including simultaneous interpretation at larger events or all-hands meetings.
This month there was some exciting news for GOT and Mercari as a whole. One of GOT’s members, Gabe, received 2nd place in the JACI Simultaneous Interpreting Grand Prix 2019!

Gabe from GOT
As someone who thrives on having a specific goal to work towards, I jumped at the chance to participate in the JACI Simultaneous Interpreting Grand Prix. Interpreting requires the ability to constantly adjust to new environments–varying topics, a wide range of speaking styles, and different ways of communicating. I feel very fortunate to be able to interpret in all kinds of meetings and events here at Mercari, but I wanted to try interpreting in an environment and on topics completely different from that of my regular interpreting assignments. At the awards ceremony, I was able to receive direct feedback from the judges, which I am excited to put towards continuing to improve my interpreting skills. Despite being fellow competitors, everybody was extremely friendly, and overall I felt it was a really great experience!

Gabe is one of the key in-house simultaneous interpreters at Mercari, and has interpreted for numerous Mercari events from the 6th Anniversary Strategy Presentation to Mercari Euro Hack and even regular meetings between members. Simultaneous interpretation is one of the most efficient ways of interpreting, but interpreting within the time allowed by the speaker’s pace without changing the natural flow of the speech requires specific skill sets, talent, and preparation. This is why Gabe also provides interpretation workshops for other GOT members to practice as a team and use as training opportunities to learn from each other.
Needless to say, we are all very proud of Gabe’s achievement and we hope to continue to bring you more exciting news from GOT and other Mercari teams on Mercan!

See you again for more #MercariDays!

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