“Don’t be afraid to be a leader!” A chat with Manager of Mercari’s Branding Team! mercan.fm #54

※Disclaimer: This episode has been pre-recorded. All Mercari employees are currently working from home when ever possible as stated in our response to the Novel Corona Virus.

Hi! This is Riley Masunaga from the Language Education team. For the 54th edition of mercan.fm, our podcast series, I sat down with Sumika Tabara the manager of Mercari’s Branding team.

As Manager, Tabara works tirelessly with her team to oversee Mercari’s corporate and service branding, and create forward thinking projects embodying Mercari’s goal of creating a more sustainable society.

What is your team working on now? How does working in a multicultural environment influence your work? What advice do you have for women working in Japan?

We go into this and more in this English edition of Mercan.fm.

Topics from the podcast:

・ What is your team working on now?
・ Reuse culture in Japan vs. India
・ How financial education in the UK influenced her current project.
・ What inspired you to get into business?
・ What advice do you have for people new to working in a multicultural environment?
・ What advice do you have for ambitious women who want a career in Japan?

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